I am a lawyer slash foodie slash designer slash entrepreneur. I dream in food and fashion, but I proclaim to be an expert only in my passion for both.

In 2010 (I can’t believe it’s been that long already!) I decided to take a sabbatical from my job in London as an international corporate lawyer; a few things had happened in my life (more on that later!) which made me decide to pause and reassess the course of my life.

Image courtesy of stock.xchng

I spent my newfound freedom dabbling in all the things I had always wanted to do, but which my 140 hour working week had not allowed me to do… there was the Vietnamese street food venture with one of my best friends, language lessons (oui, mon Francais est encore terrible!), art and design classes, (very bad) guitar playing, sleep-ins, home-cooked meals and, of course, a bit of travel. I also finally found time to reconnect with friends in different parts of the world who started to ask me what I was up to (I suspect, it was their polite way of asking why on earth was I not working?!) … this blog will contain my sunday morning nothings, in part, in an attempt to answer those questions … I hope you enjoy it, and please do converse with me through the comments below – I really would love to hear from you!

bisous, mon ami

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