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After having wasted over two hours of my life in a cinema on Saturday, mindlessly gorging on popcorn and expectantly waiting for the two Tributes from District 12 to be announced the winners of the Hunger Games (ok, to be fair, I did think the costume designs were fantastic), I wasn’t prepared to step foot into another cinema this week. However, I couldn’t decline an invitation (who can resist a freebie?) to see Sean Penn in goth garb at the Sydney premiere of “This Must Be The Place” – directed by Paolo Sorrentino – last night.

Of course, Penn was brilliant as the lead, Cheyenne (a retired goth rock star who embarks on an eye-opening journey after the death of his estranged father), and Frances McDormand was absolutely charming as his wife. The David Byrne-heavy soundtrack, too, was so brilliant that I am considering getting it on CD (I cannot remember the last time I purchased a physical CD – do they even sell them anymore?). But this is not a film review (there are plenty out there if you’re interested). I just wanted to mention a great quote that Cheyenne says in response to a waitress at a roadside restaurant who apologises for his overcooked burger by saying “that’s life”. Cheyenne says:

“You know what the problem is Rachel? Without realising it, we go from an age where we say “my life will be that” to an age where we say¬†“that’s life” …”

Compelling. Inspiring.

Sending you fabulous Wednesday nothings and hoping you do one thing today, towards shaping your own life.