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Running saved me. I first took up running as a way to escape from the painful reality after my mum passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Sometimes, I would run mindlessly before finding myself running through bushes, in tears. But it was cathartic.

Running allows me to actively meditate and balance my qui. It is also time that I use to plan the day ahead and have conversations with myself (and sometimes with mum). It was during one of my runs that I decided what I wanted to do beyond my corporate career: to start my own fashion label. It is during my runs that I come up with the most exciting designs – so much that I’ve started running with a small piece of paper and pencil in my pocket… And those are the moments when I get high too; when the endorphins have kicked in and suddenly the left-side brain is working overtime.

 I love the runner’s high. I’ve been trying to research ways that you can consciously kick it in. Some studies say that runner’s high  kicks in when the body is subjected to so much exercise that it effectively smashes through its pain barrier. I’ve read one article that claims that you can only turn on the high when your ego is absent… Personally, I find that it kicks in sooner when I run on a treadmill compared to when I do a road run – even though I find road running more strenuous. Spin cycling and bikram yoga almost invariably triggers the runner’s high for me too.

So today, despite a few stumblesinjuries and struggles with mother nature I have completed the eight week 5K training program. Next week, I will be starting on the 10K program. I’m hoping with the longer distance, I’ll find a way to trigger the high more consciously.

Do you experience runner’s high? Are you able to trigger it at will? I’d love to hear from you!

Sending you sweet Sunday nothings…