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Tsk tsk at me if you will, but sometimes, I just don’t feel like croissant and bread for breakfast – and I don’t care that I’m in Paris and that’s what I should be eating! So, my arteries sighed with relief and pulsed with delight when I found a cafe that (1) is open early enough for breakfast (the elegant Parisians’ idea of breakfast time is what we in England refer to as brunch) and (2) serves more than just the usual carb overload (don’t get me wrong, I can do the pastry and bread diet – especially if my last week in Paris is anything to go by and I saw the scales drop 3% body fat and 2kg – go figure!) but sometimes, a girl just needs a bit of protein in the morning.

Rose Bakery could have been plucked from the eat streets of Sydney, London or New York – with it’s exposed stone-faced walls, raw beam ceilings and scrubbed concrete floors (well, to be fair, half of the husband/wife team is English). Hence, some may say it is not “authentic” Parisian – but it’s the same reason why I say Paris is a truly international city. Besides, tuck into one of their creamy omelettes and you’ll know that these beauties were not whipped up in health-conscious NYC!



I also loved the crates and baskets of fresh fruit and veggies, which gave it a market deli-type feel (think Fratelli Fresh in Waterloo, Sydney), and the open kitchen at the front-of-house where the pastry chefs create their devilish sweet treats made me feel like I was sitting in my brother’s pastry kitchen.

The café au lait was not strong enough for my caffeine addicted veins (but it was nice to have some milk in my coffee on a brutally cold morning), and have I mentioned their to-die-for omelettes?? I usually like my eggs sunny-side up, but these omelettes (fluffy and filled with buttery greens) were divine.

Omelette – buttery greens on the inside
Café au lait

On my “to try” list for my next visit: one of their quiches (the baby of Jean-Charles, the husband half of the team) and a serve of that decadent looking carrot cake.

Cakes [the decadent carrot cake on the far right]

Rose Bakery is at 30 rue Debelleyme in the 3rd arrondissement (they also have a branch at 46 rue des Martyrs).

Where in Paris do you go for an egg breakfast?

bisous, mon ami