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Who am I to argue with anyone who wants to tell me that I need another pair of shoes – whether they be Sergio Rossi heels or a pair of trainers? Apparently, many runners alternate between two (or more) pairs of running shoes. Various reasons are given for doing this: to prevent injury by relieving the stress caused by running in one particular pair of shoes; to extend the life of the shoe (particularly if your shoes get wet after a run or if you do back to back running days); to cater for different running styles (e.g. indoor/outdoor/speed work etc). I’m happy just to have permission to own another pair of shoes.

I recently purchased this pair of silver and purple ASICs and I love them. They’re super comfy and I love the flashes of neon. I’ve even OPI’ed my toenails to match – sorry, I’m a girl who happens to run, not a runner who happens to be a girl.

These are fast becoming my preferred pair – over my bright pink ASICs. I have seen a few recommendations that you wear your “favourite” pair for longer runs and race days, and your other pair(s) for shorter runs. So I guess I’ll be saving these for Saturday’s run.

Do you alternate your running shoes? Do you have different types of shoes or are they of the same kind? Would love to hear your thoughts!