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As anyone who has ever operated a bar (or, in my case, frequented her fair share of bars) would know, the clientele you attract to a bar is strongly correlated with the look and style of the bar staff. Prop a blonde, busty 21 year-old behind the bar and you are highly unlikely to find 30-something year-old corporate females ordering espresso martinis (cue: feminist and sexual prejudice uproar). So, is it really surprising then, that a central London bar staffed by three cheeky young men who look like this:

… serving sangrias and amaretto sours that look like this:

… despite its self service plates of pintxos that look like this:

… will have a clientele comprised of 95% women in their mid-20s to 30s? Don’t get me wrong, the drinks here are mixed with integrity (with a cocktail list that embraces apple mojitos, watermelon martinis and could-you-be-any-more-Sex-in-the-City cosmopolitans), the pintxos varied, fresh and delicious, and the ambience cosy and convivial… but – call me a skeptic – there is more to why these young women are imbibing themselves on a harsh cold Tuesday evening. In ol’ London town. In the middle of a so-called global financial crisis…

As to why I found myself at Pix Bar for four hours on a Tuesday evening? … It was all in the name of research, my dear Watson!

Pix Bar is at 63 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London. They also have a branch in Soho.