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Without the women who are (and who have been) in my life :

  • I would not know the beauty of faithful and unconditional love;
  • I would not know the deep aching emptiness of loss;
  • I would not know how to verbalise all of my greatest fears and wildest dreams;
  • I would not have the strength to get up every time I am knocked over and trampled upon;
  • I would not know how to cook a mean hot & sour soup, or make the perfect chicken liver pate;
  • I would not get bags under my eyes from staying up until 4am gossiping and laughing;
  • I would not hobble home at 6am with my stilettos in my hands, panda eyes and the soft scent of alcohol on my breath;
  • I would not own that awful black bejewelled knit which I have never worn;
  • I would not be regretting that extra scoop of ice cream;
  • I would not be here today;
  • I would not be who I am.

Whatever your views may be about the “real” purpose of International Women’s Day (“IWD”) on 8 March (which, by the way, is officially celebrated in numerous countries around the world and acknowledged by the UN), it is wonderful simply to have one day a year where women are appreciated and celebrated not for being mothers necessarily (à la Mother’s Day), or lovers (à la Valentine’s Day) – but simply for being women. This year, Women as Entrepreneurs (a network for Australian female entrepreneurs run by the fabulous Orsi Parkanyi, who I had the pleasure to meet recently) is holding an event to celebrate and enable women entrepreneurs – domestically and in third world countries. Profits from the evening will go towards empowering women living in poverty in developing countries. The event is open to men and women – please support it if you can.

If you are not in Australia or cannot attend, I do hope you celebrate IWD in some way nevertheless – whether it be by giving a hug to a woman in your life, or to take your female colleagues out to lunch…

Who are the women in your life? What do you love about the women in your life?


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