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As today is, you know, that day, I thought I would open up and share a little story of heartbreak … My partner and I had been together for almost six years. We had some amazing times in the beginning. In fact, I have to credit him for opening my eyes to world; Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas – if I wanted to go there, I would turn to him and he flew me there. For those years, he was all I knew. He treated me like a princess. Spoiled me rotten with champagne and ice cream before flights, relaxing massages on stop overs…. I had to pay, of course – and often at a premium – but I really could not complain.

My friends often told me there were better out there; I did not hear them. As far as I could see, I was part of an exclusive club – and I was going to stay with him through thick and thin…  Slowly, though, he started to change. He started to withhold certain things from me; the little things that made our time together so pleasurable, were denied me (Molton Brown cosmetics in Thailand, for example; he stopped providing little toiletries in the showers…). Then it got really serious and media stories appeared about his unhappy employees and safety issues. Which is why, it took me six years before I broke up with Qantas. It was a difficult decision, but I’ve never looked back.

I first flew Asiana Airlines last October – between London and Sydney. I flew them again this time, back to London. I was amazed at the difference in quality and what I had been missing. Not only is it more affordable, there is more leg room, the food is great and they stop over at Incheon airport in Seoul, where there are complimentary showers (one of the main reasons I originally joined Qantas Club), a fantastic range of restaurants and entertainment (music, traditional shows and free crafty activities that you can partake in) – all to tide you over while you transit. There really are bigger, better fish in the sea.

Did I mention the great airport food? I can’t believe I had this amazing chilli octopus bibimbap at an airport restaurant!

Bibimbap is a traditional Korean dish of rice, vegetables, chilli paste and protein – egg, meat or seafood. You mix all the ingredients together before gobbling it down. This one was served in a hot stone bowl, which sizzles the ingredients as it is lands on your table. I love this version because the rice at the bottom of the bowl is a little bit crispy. You can see the steam still rising here:

I am addicted to the chilli paste. I can eat this with only rice.

And, the mandatory condiments that accompany every Korean meal. Here, preserved beans, pickled bean sprouts and kim chi (spicy preserved chinese cabbage).

Are you a loyal airline club member or do you fly with your fancy? What’s your favourite airport in the world?

Sending you sweet Valentines day nothings.