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It’s so lovely to have a back yard again. Especially when you have a neighbour who regularly pops his head over the back fence to give you fresh quail eggs from his farm … organic, locally grown food: tick.

I gave him a bunch of my own-grown organic bananas – we always have more than we can finish ourselves. It’s so “Desperate Housewives” to give food to your neighbours, but I love it. Nothing communicates quite like food – especially if you’ve made/grown it yourself.

In Vietnamese culture, one of the first things you ask someone who visits your home is “an com chua?” – the literal meaning: have you eaten rice yet, or have you eaten yet? It’s another way of asking a person how they are feeling, because if their stomach is full, it means that they are well. Of course, even if you answer yes to that question, a polite host will always offer you a meal or a snack.

Do you communicate through food? With what foods do you usually communicate? 

Wishing you sweet Sunday nothings.