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Do you ever get heart palpitations or sweaty palms when someone signs off an email to you with “best regards”? After all, you are receiving something pretty special; it’s not just the writer’s regards, it’s their “best” regards. Remember the days when Karen or Jake or whoever declared to the world that you were their “best friend”? That was pretty cool wasn’t it? Or, how emotional it was when your friend / brother  asked you to be the “best man” at his wedding? … So surely, when someone sends you an email together with their best regards, any feeling other than love would be rather ungrateful, would it not?

I must admit, I fall into the ungrateful bag on this one. I mean, is it really possible to send your “best” regards to EVERYONE?! Surely, you can only have a single “best”, otherwise it is no longer your best?  Ok, perhaps it is possible to have many regards that are of equal value – and they all happen to be your best. Surely, though, you still need to be discerning about who you send those to? And while I can appreciate that there are some people whose best regards I deserve (the property manager, the security guards – all of whom enjoy easy income at my expense), I’m pretty sure the girl from the freight forwarding company in Shenzhen, China, has many others more deserving of her best regards than little ol’ me?

Something I find even more perplexing is when people sign off with “BR” in place of “Best Regards”. Surely, if it’s your best, and if I deserve your best, then it is worth writing the words out in full? If you can only be bothered to type two letters, then perhaps it’s just B* S* that the regards you are sending me are your “best”. 

For me, where the email I’m sending is the initial correspondence from me to the other person(s), then I usually sign off with “regards”. In later replies to that email, I will usually sign off only with my name. Of course, if the correspondence is between myself and one other person only,  I may not even sign off with my name – I mean, surely the person has not suffered amnesia since the previous email!

Now, if the email contains content which involves a transaction where I am, or may be, a beneficiary, (e.g. I’ve asked the person to do something for me, or they have invited me somewhere nice) then I will add a dose of “thank you” to those regards. Depending on the relationship with the other person, I might add a splash of kindness too (“kind regards”). In terms of my “best” though, I’m saving that for when the lottery office informs me of my billion dollar jackpot win. Because that, my friends, will truly deserve the best of my regards. 

How do you sign off your emails and why? Are there any other sign-offs that drive you mad?

Kind regards 😉