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The ailment: a mild case of lethargy (aka hangover).

The cause: staying up until 3am gossiping with girlfriend (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it – no one has evidence otherwise!).

The cure: old school Vietnamese comfort food – pork, prawn and scallion congee, caramelised pork ribs, and brown rice and green leaf tea.

congee platter

Congee is an oriental rice porridge. It’s one of the easiest dishes in the world to cook: just rice and lots of water; the amount of water depends on how thick or runny you like the consistency – I like mine a little bit thick and gluggy. Congee can be made with any variety of flavourings (pork, fish, seafood, offal, plain with sugar!…). I always add some fresh herbs or vegetables (lettuce, bean sprouts, coriander…) to the bottom of the bowl (today, I’m using some baby spinach that I had in the fridge), which becomes wilted when the congee is ladled into the bowl, and a sprinkling of freshly ground pepper and crunchy onion to top it all off. This is the ultimate comfort food and it is much healthier than a Sunday fry-up!


Caramelised pork ribs with chilli – a bit of saltiness and sweetness to balance out the mild flavour of the congee.

pork ribs

Fish sauce with fresh chilli. I almost always have fish sauce in some guise or other with a Vietnamese meal. It adds a more complex saltiness to the meal.

fish sauce

Brown rice and green leaf tea. I’ll probably drink about 5 glasses of this today. So comforting!

green tea

Sending you lots of beautiful Sunday morning nothings.