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Just a concrete footpath

Have you ever noticed how concrete footpaths usually have a smooth border around the edge? How the centre of the paths consist of small bits of grey, brown and black pebbles? And how they are actually comprised of individual slabs of concrete connected by a slit of tar, rather than one long stretch of concrete? I bet you haven’t. These are rather banal observations, I know. I noticed these things because I happened to find myself lying splat on the concrete this morning…It’s Saturday morning – why not take in a bit of the very local scenery while on my run?

No, don’t let anyone tell you it had anything to do with the uneven terrain.  Or the steep slope of the footpath. Or the fact that there had been a big(ger) man charging towards me from the opposite direction (well, actually I think he was probably just meandering) down the centre of the footpath. It also had nothing to do with the fact that I shifted slightly left of the footpath to avoid him. No. I just wanted to lie down on the ground to observe the concrete. And share my observations with you. I just wanted to graze my knee, strain my ankle and break my thumb nail. I mean, if it HAD been a fall caused by said man, say, I would not have allowed him to help me up off the ground. I would not have waited until he was out of sight before turning around and hobbling back down the hill towards home. 

No, it was just a bit of Saturday morning lazing on the concrete. Observing the world. From down there. That’s all.