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 Pssst. Please don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been unfaithful. In fact, I’ve been trying someone new every 4 weeks. There have been a few girls, but, for some reason I seem to have a better connection with the boys… But I can’t seem to find any single person who can really satisfy me… My usual – oh, and how he is the love of my life – is in London, you see. But having been in Sydney now for 4 months, I just couldn’t help myself but try someone else. Not to replace him; just to give me what I need for now. It’s tough for a girl to hold out and be faithful when her soul mate is half way across the world (and I think it is so important for a girl to find that one person who can tick those boxes). Although, to be truthfully honest, when I was living in Vietnam, I had someone else there too. We still keep in touch and he is my go-to whenever I pop into Vietnam. Of course, he doesn’t know about the one in London, and vice versa. But I’m sure they all assume I must have others.

The thing is, you just know when the match is right. Communication is super important, and I think it’s imperative (at least at first) that you have some assistance; visual aids, I mean. Especially when you are trying something new – and I’m the kind of gal who loves to mix it up and try something new once in a while – it’s just helpful to see how others are doing it. But for my London boy and I, each time is a melancholic tango, because after all this time that we’ve been together, he just instinctively knows what I like. Sometimes adventurous, sometimes safe – but always fabulous. He always knows how far to go, when to stop. And I always leave him feeling on top of the world. I know that I have to share him – he can never be solely mine. But that’s ok too. In fact, I’ve even sent my friends to him. He always finishes them off fabulously too.

So, you can understand why, when we’re not together, I need to find someone to do to me what he does so amazingly well. At the moment though, I really am struggling to find someone to fill those shoes – hence, the unfaithfulness. It’s frustrating though, because I’m not after anything fancy. Just a sharp bob and blunt bangs – super straight… So here I am; calling out to everyone out there: does anyone know a fab hair stylist in Sydney?? How often do you change your hairstyle? How important is it for you to have a good rapport with your stylist? Do you tell him/her what you want or are you happy to give them free reign?