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Happy Australia Day everyone! The best thing about being an Aussie? Being able to wake up to a Spanish omelet for brekkie, have fresh Italian pasta for lunch, enjoy a Turkish coffee in the arvo, then dine on a Japanese feast in the evening!

Today, to celebrate Australia Day, I’ve made a lamingtons (the quintessential Aussie cake) with an oriental twist. I’ve used a pandan sponge. This is a light and fluffy sponge cake that you can easily find in any good Asian bakery or grocery store. The green colour comes from the pandanus leaves, which are often used in Asian cooking (particularly in Asian desserts). I’ve filled the sponge with a mix of cream cheese frosting (which I usually use on my red velvet cupcakes – but they work a treat in the lamington!) and strawberry jam.

For the coating I’ve also used Belgian chocolate (rather than the usual cocoa powder) for a richer flavour, and shredded coconut (rather than desiccated coconut) for a lovelier texture. Simple, but oh-so-yummy!

And the best part about making lamingtons? Licking the gooey chocolate off your fingers afterwards! Sending you lots of sweet Australia Day nothings!