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Just some pictures of our Lunar New Year’s Eve family feast. It was an extra special occasion this year because we had two new attendees: my gorgeous 4 month old niece (who’ve we’ve nicknamed “Beyonce” because she has the most adorable pair of thighs) and my soon-to-be sister-in-law.

Spicy prawn, peanut and lime betel leaves.

Prawn, pork, jellyfish and papaya salad. Served with prawn cracker spoons.

Steam boat with quail eggs, enoki mushrooms, fish cakes, pork, prawn & veggies. For years we used the electric steam boats but we have recently dug these coal-fired boats out of the pantry. They’re so much more fun to use.

Caramelised pork and whole egg. This is a very traditional Tet (Vietnamese New Year) dish.  Typically, it is made with very fatty pork belly. In this version (which is based on an old family recipe) I use fresh coconut juice, a less fatty cut of pork, and I throw in the coconut flesh, which looks and feels like fatty pork skin – but is a lot healthier.

Black sticky rice pudding with fresh mango and pandanus infused coconut milk.

Chuc mung nam moi!