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Just a short one today because it’s lunar new year’s eve and I’ll be spending most of the morning preparing a feast for my family and extended family (photos to follow!).

It feels good to have made it through the first week of my 30 day challenge, and the first week of my marathon training. Speaking of which, while I was out for my jog today, I came across this sign:

A neighbourly note (left in front of his fruiting fig tree)

It made me chuckle. I wonder how he would explain to the police the missing fingers? Anyway, it’s one of the things I do enjoy about running, because I never would have seen it had I just been driving by in my car. Just for the record: no, I do not have any missing fingers.

Sending you sweet Sunday morning nothings and wishing you a happy new lunar year  – in Vietnamese: “chuc mung nam moi”! May the year of the dragon bring you and your loved ones lots of love and laughter!

bisous, mon ami