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I have procrastinated a long time about starting a blog in which I could share with my friends (and anyone who may have the slightest interest) my experiences on this rather long journey to somewhere (and prove that I have in fact not been idle – most of the time anyway – since I left my corporate job). However, the perfectionist in me paralysed my starting any blog … What would I call it? What would I write about? Would anyone read it? … Quagmired in typical perfectionist paralysis (which I’m sure many of my friends can relate to) – until this morning…

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You see, it’s summer time in Sydney at the moment, but on this Sunday morning the rain made it mandatory(!) to stay put and indoors. After a few crazily busy weeks over Christmas and New Years, it was the first Sunday morning where I could truly feel the absolute beauty of Sunday morning nothingness; a nothingness which I have discovered and have fallen in love with during this sabbatical… I was the first to rise in the house and enjoyed the quiet to myself for a few hours. The only sounds were the pitter patter of the rain and the occasional bird outside announcing the new day. Strangely, I felt inspired… A few weeks ago I watched a great TED presentation by Matt Cutts, whose premise was that, if you do anything at all every day for 30 days, you will form a habit of it. So, feeling inspired by today’s Sunday morning nothingness, I hereby take up Matt Cutts’ challenge and will blog here every day for the next 30 days!

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I plan to blog about the things I am passionate about most – food and fashion. I have rediscovered the use of the right side of my brain and have spent a lot of time recently making things (of the edible and inedible, but wearable, kind), which I am looking forward to sharing with you in this blog. I will also share with you the things I’ve been up to (including my latest entrepreneurial design project – more on that later!).

I hope you will take this journey with me and forgive me for any shortcomings in my writing (it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything other than mundane corporate documents!).  Most of all though, I’d love to hear from you, so please converse with me below … Wishing you a wonderful Sunday full of sweet nothings!

bisous, mon ami